The Company
from 1963
SCAME PARRE S.p.A., head of the SCAME group, is a manufacturer of components and systems for electrical installations in the civil, services and industrial sector, born and raised in the mountains of the upper Val Seriana, in the Province of Bergamo, Northern Italy. 
Since 1963, the year of its foundation, in more than half a century of activity, SCAME has never betrayed the spirit of the origins made of attention to the environment and the person, as well as continuous research to provide an innovation that is never an end in itself, but which translates into total quality and real benefits for the user.

Already a pioneer in the field of the solutions dedicated to electric vehicles charging, for which it has created a specific business division and is today considered an absolute benchmark, the continuous search for new markets has led SCAME to develop also an articulated range of ATEX IECEx products for installation in hazardous areas, without neglecting its traditional offer based on products for domestic and industrial applications, even heavy ones.

A catalogue able to meet any installation requirement, a product quality guaranteed by compliance with national and international Standards, a rapid customer service able to support every choice and an high level of service, have enabled SCAME to affirm its presence not only nationally, but also internationally through a network of 17 branches and a consolidated network of distributors in over 80 countries on 5 continents

Our Values

Our company is made of people, and people are the outcome of the environment in which they live.
SCAME having been founded and having grown in the High Seriana Valley, in the province of Bergamo, it has learned healthy values from the mountains that surround it, such as respect for the environment and for individuals, perseverance and solidity.
Above all, the mountains gave the company the gift of curiosity to reach the top in order to expand one’s view on the world, fully aware that any horizon is more an opportunity than a limit.

Our Commitment

There can be no quality if daily actions are not consistent with the values that inspired them.
The quality of our products, guaranteed in primis by the in-company laboratory certified WMT by IMQ, and the excellence of our company processes and their low environmental impact, are confirmed by the large number of international quality marks, by the ISO: 9001 certification obtained way back in 1993 and by the ISO 14001 certification obtained in 2003.
Respect for our employees, who are people first of all, means guaranteeing them a suitable work environment, certified according to the standard BS HOSAS 18001.

New Developments

We prefer to describe our dreams with facts, rather than with words.
We believe in the idea of world tailor-made to man, and consider sustainable mobility a way to achieve such a world, through respect for the environment.
We believed in this idea back in 1999 when, together with CEI-CIVES*, we designed and developed the first connector specifically intended for charging light electric vehicles.
We believe in this idea today, with a company division dedicated to research and development of smart charging systems, to which we allocate 50% of our total R&D budget.
We believe in it to the point of having made electric vehicles the mainstay of our company fleet.
* (Commissione Italiana Veicoli Elettrici Stradali a batteria, ibridi e a celle combustibili or Italian Committee for battery, hybrid and fuel cell electric road vehicles)

Our Approach

We are what we do, we do what we know.
Over the years, SCAME has never stopped innovating its products and its processes. 
Not for the satisfaction of inventing that which does not exist at all costs, but because the balance between effort and result would actually be positive and lead to real advantages for everyone. 
So that innovation would result in progress.
Our mission is to provide added value to the substance of our products, in order to make it easier to choose and install them, and to enhance the value of their users’ daily gestures.
Our vocation is to cut down to a minimum the environmental impact of our processes, so that everyone can enjoy a liveable environment, the same environment we were lucky enough to enjoy.

Our Solutions

Only our customers know their real needs; our job is to understand and meet them. Through our 20,000 catalogue products or by developing new ones.
We started out with a simple product, simple like the idea that conceived it: an insulated nail used to secure cables to a wall.
In 1984, when we invented the first single-piece system adapter, the industrial and domestic worlds met with levels of convenience and safety that had been unknown until then.
Since then, we have developed both universes, with special focus on IEC and UL connectors and energy distribution systems for the worksite, tertiary and industrial sectors, with solutions specifically designed for harsh environments.
The range of ATEX IEC-EX products, certified by leading international laboratories, made it possible for us to also offer safe and innovative solutions for environments at risk of explosion, thus completing our range of special products intended for the industrial sector.

Scame, tomorrow

We cannot predict the future, but we do equip ourselves to face it, whatever challenge it throws at us, fully aware that today is already yesterday’s future.
By constantly updating our production processes, increasingly efficient, automated and integrated, but more and more dependent upon human skills, which represent a crucial asset for SCAME.
By investing in continuous training and in always new professional figures, because there cannot be a “smart factory” without “smart people”.
By improving our products, which apparently cannot be improved further, providing them with the intelligence needed to make them the link between man and machine, as requested by the industry 4.0.
By taking advantage of new technologies in order to reach directly those who use our products, informing them and being informed by them of their needs.
Because, today as yesterday, connecting is what we know how to do best. 
Whether it is distributing energy, or solid values.