Scame and the Electric Mobility
Product range for charging electric vehicles
Scame Parre's commitment in the sector of infrastructures and components for recharging electric vehicles was born at the end of the nineties, when the company took on the possibility of creating a new idea of sustainable mobility within cities that would reduce the environmental impact to a minimum.
To achieve this goal, Scame Parre began designing and manufacturing the first connector for charging electric vehicles, dedicated to light vehicles and motorcycles, completely new both from a production and a regulatory point of view, thus presenting, as absolute world premiere in the 1999, the connector now known as Type3A.
This commitment has allowed Scame to obtain a primary position in this nascent sector, thus carving out the possibility, thanks to the work of these first years, to become part of the committees (CEI, CENELEC, IEC) which, at the Italian and international level , had the task of identifying and regulating the matter and played an important role in defining the first national standard (CEI 69-6) for Connectors and Charging Systems for electric road vehicles.
In recent years, under the impetus of new trends related to energy saving and renewable sources together with the problems of pollution in cities, the topic of electric vehicles, up to that moment not yet firmly established, has become of stringent interest and topicality.
Scame has renewed its commitment, offering the market not only a wide range of charging components and cables, but also an articulated range of AC or DC charging stations, suitable for both domestic and public use.
All at the forefront in technical and technological terms and always with particular attention to design as a distinctive feature of the true Made in Italy and identity of its offer.
BE Logo
A logo. A commitment
Within the vast offer of Scame Parre, the BE logo, created in 2019 celebrating 20 years of activity in the sector, alongside the institutional one, identifies and characterizes the line of products intended for electric vehicles recharging. 
By exhibiting it, the stations, the charging cables and the related components are the bearers of over twenty years of company experience in the e-mobility sector, going back to 1999 the presentation by Scame Parre of the first connector specifically designed for this application. 
Above all, however, they convey the message behind the logo itself: “Be Eco”. 
An invitation to embrace a concept of sustainable mobility as an integrated part of a lifestyle that respects man and the environment, rather than a recognition for those who have already done so by choosing one of our products. 
A logo in the form of a stylized leaf that, almost resting on the product, leaves an indelible mark on it, adding another chapter to the story of passion, sustainability and innovation from that of Scame.